100+ Jokes about Owls That Will Have You Hooting with Laughter

Welcome to our flock of funnies, where today, we’ll spread our wings and soar into a sky full of owl jokes. If you’re a fan of these wise and mysterious night birds, or simply a connoisseur of good humor, you’re in for a real hoot. Perch comfortably and get ready to swoop into laughter!

25 One-Liner Jokes about Owls

  1. I asked an owl, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” It replied, “Let’s not start this again…”
  2. The best time to hang out with an owl? Anytime, they’re a hoot!
  3. How does an owl study for a test? It doesn’t, it just wings it!
  4. An owl is the best companion for studying, it never judges when you pull an all-nighter.
  5. A conversation with an owl is always profound; they keep asking ‘whoo?’
  6. I told an owl I was going to a party, it asked ‘Whoo’s going?’
  7. How do owls stay dry in the rain? They use their ‘owl-brella’.
  8. Owls don’t go on dates because it’s too hard to find a sitter for the ‘nest’.
  9. What’s an owl’s favorite genre of music? ‘Owl-ternative’ rock.
  10. Ever wonder why owls are so calm? They never sweat the small ‘hoot’.
  11. Do you know why the owl never became a baseball player? It always ‘flies’ out!
  12. How does an owl express gratitude? It says ‘Hoot Hoot Hooray!’
  13. When owls go fishing, they always catch ‘something fishy’.
  14. I offered an owl a piece of gum, but he said, “No, I ‘owl-ways’ prefer mints.”
  15. How do owls prepare their coffee? They like it ‘brew-it’.
  16. Owls always look shocked; it’s like they don’t give a ‘hoot’.
  17. Owls make the best detectives, they’re always asking ‘whoo done it?’
  18. An owl’s favorite subject is ‘owl-gebra’.
  19. I told the owl my plans, it asked ‘whoo cares?’
  20. An owl’s life is always in ‘flight’.
  21. What’s an owl’s favorite salad? ‘Coles-hoot.’
  22. How do owls keep their feathers in shape? With ‘owl gel’.
  23. Owls can never play hide and seek, they’re always spotted.
  24. Owls are the wisest birds; they know ‘whoo’s who’.
  25. How do owls stick to their diet? They don’t give a ‘hoot’ about junk food.

25 Two-Part Jokes about Owls

Why don’t owls date in the rain?
It’s too ‘wet to woo’.

Why did the owl invite his friends over?
He didn’t want to be ‘owl’ by himself.

What does an owl with an attitude have?
A ‘scowl’.

Why do owls never fight with their partners?
They always know ‘whoo’s right’.

Why did the owl become a politician?
He was already a ‘hoot’.

What do you call an owl magician?

Why did the owl join the band?
He was a natural at the ‘hoo’t.

How do owls stay fit?
Owl-ates (Pilates).

Why did the owl become a therapist?
Because he always gives a ‘hoot’ about your problems.

What did the owl say at the comedy show?
That’s a real ‘hoot’!

What do you call an owl that does impressions?
A ‘mimic-hoot’.

Why did the owl bring a compass to school?
He didn’t want to lose his ‘sense of hoo’.

What do you call a surprised owl?

Why don’t owls use cellphones?
They prefer to use the ‘owl-ular’ phone.

Why was the owl always invited to parties?
Because he was a real ‘hoo’t.

What do you call an owl that’s good at bowling?
An ‘owl-ey’.

What do you call an owl who can play the piano?
A piano hoo-man.

Why was the owl a great umpire?
He always knew ‘whoo’s out’.

Why did the owl become a poet?
Because he was good at ‘rhyme-ning’.

What do you call an owl that can’t stop eating candy?
A ‘sweet-hoot’.

Why was the owl always lost?
He couldn’t remember his ‘whoo-t’.

Why did the owl become a singer?
Because he was a ‘hoo-tenor’.

Why did the owl take a nap?
He was feeling a bit ‘owl’.

What do you call an owl with a loud voice?
An ‘owl-bellow’.

Why did the owl become a school teacher?
He was tired of asking ‘whoo, whoo’.

25 Pun Jokes about Owls

  1. I’m reading a book about anti-gravity, it’s so good, it’s impossible to ‘put-downy owl.’
  2. My favorite coffee shop is the ‘Brew Barn Owl.’
  3. Why did the owl bring toilet paper to the party? Because he’s a ‘party pooper.’
  4. Owls love to win at chess, they always say ‘check-matey owl.’
  5. Never ask an owl to tidy up, they leave everything in a ‘hoot.’
  6. I like owls, but they seem to be ‘owl-ergic’ to me.
  7. I told an owl a secret, it promised not to ‘give a hoot.’
  8. The owl chef made an ‘egg-shell-ent’ omelette.
  9. I’m not an early bird or a night owl, I’m some kind of permanently exhausted pigeon.
  10. My friend is an owl, he’s a real ‘hoot.’
  11. That owl must love oldies music, he’s got a ‘hootenanny.’
  12. Did you hear about the owl who loved films? He’s a ‘hootie and the Blowfish.’
  13. Owls make terrible secret keepers, they always ask ‘whoo, whoo?’
  14. Owls don’t need to go to the hair salon, they’re already a ‘hoo-t.’
  15. My owl friend always flirts with me, he’s such a ‘hoo-t.’
  16. Owls can’t go on diets, they don’t give a ‘hoot.’
  17. Owls make the best comedians, they’re always a ‘hoot.’
  18. My owl friend loves science, he’s an ‘ein-stein.’
  19. Owls are the most polite birds, they always say ‘whoo.’
  20. Why don’t owls use doorbells? They don’t want to be a ‘hoo-t.’
  21. The owl’s favorite TV show is ‘Whoo’s Line Is It Anyway.’
  22. Why don’t owls like to dance? They have two left ‘feet.’
  23. Owls can’t play poker in the jungle, too many cheetahs.
  24. My owl friend got a bad haircut, he’s a ‘cut above the rest.’
  25. Why did the owl go to the bar? To get a ‘hoot on.’

10 Knock-Knock Jokes about Owls

  1. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • Owl.
    • Owl who?
    • Owl be seeing you later!
  2. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • Who.
    • Who who?
    • You sound like an owl!
  3. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • Whom.
    • Whom who?
    • Whom, whom – you sound like an owl!
  4. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • Owl always.
    • Owl always who?
    • Owl always love these jokes!
  5. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • Olive.
    • Olive who?
    • Olive the time, I feel like an owl!
  6. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • Hoot.
    • Hoot who?
    • You do! You’re the owl!
  7. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • I’m owl.
    • I’m owl who?
    • I’m owl by myself!
  8. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • Beak.
    • Beak who?
    • Beak-cause owls are awesome!
  9. Knock, knock.
    • Who’s there?
    • Nest.
    • Nest who?
    • Nest time, I’ll bring the owl jokes!

10 Anecdotal Jokes about Owls

  1. An owl and a squirrel are sitting in a tree, watching a farmer go by. The owl turns to the squirrel and says nothing because owls can’t talk. The owl then eats the squirrel because it’s a bird of prey.
  2. Why did the owl, owl? Because the woodpecker would peck ‘er!
  3. What’s the difference between an owl and a bungee cord? My boots!
  4. Did you hear about the owl party? It was a hoot!
  5. Why was the owl’s book so popular? Because it was a real “page-hooter”!
  6. Did you hear about the magic owl? He could turn time into “night owl”!
  7. An owl decided to become a poet. His first piece? “Ode to the Night.”
  8. Why don’t owls date in the rain? It’s too wet to woo!
  9. Why did the owl always carry an umbrella? He didn’t want to be a “wet hooter”!
  10. What’s an owl’s favorite type of music? “Owl-ternative” rock!

10 Anti-Jokes about Owls

  1. Why don’t owls study for tests? Because owls are birds and lack the cognitive ability to understand human concepts such as exams and studying.
  2. Why did the owl not become a police officer? Because it was a bird.
  3. Why don’t owls make good teachers? Because they swallow their food whole and can’t talk about the subjects.
  4. Why did the owl not get the job? It was not qualified and also it’s an owl.
  5. Why don’t owls use umbrellas? They have feathers to protect them from the rain.
  6. Why did the owl stare at the orange juice can? Because it’s an owl and it doesn’t understand that the “concentrate” on the label isn’t an instruction.
  7. Why did the owl not write the exam? Because owls can’t write or comprehend human languages.
  8. Why don’t owls wear glasses? Because glasses are a human invention and wouldn’t fit on an owl’s face.
  9. Why did the owl never get lost? Because all locations are the same to it as it’s an owl.
  10. Why don’t owls go to school? Because education systems are for humans.

10 Limerick Jokes about Owls

  1. There once was a barn owl named White, Who stayed awake all through the night. With a hoot he’d exclaim, No two nights are the same, And sleep all the day out of sight!
  2. An owl with eyes so wide and bright, Stays awake all through the night. With a twist of his head, And a wink, it is said, He gives nocturnal creatures a fright!
  3. In a barn, an old owl did dwell, In her solitude, she did gel. With a hoot and a stare, From her cozy lair, She ruled the night, and all was well.
  4. A wise old owl, so it’s told, Preferred his nights dark and cold. With a hoot, hoot, here, And a hoot, hoot, there, His stories of wisdom he’d unfold.
  5. An owl, they say, is a wise old bird, Listening all night, not saying a word. But when the moon is bright, In the still of the night, The hooting of owls can be heard.
  6. There once was an owl from Kent, Whose body was notably bent. He’d say with a grin, As he ruffled his chin, “For hooting, I’m just excellent!”
  7. An owl sat high in a tree, As proud and as wise as could be. His eyes shining bright, In the soft moonlight, He was truly a sight to see.
  8. A tiny owl, quite a sight, Slept all day and woke at night. With a leap and a flutter, He’d find his supper, In the soft and silvery moonlight.
  9. There once was a young owl named Jay, Who had a very busy day. He’d nap until night, Then take flight in moonlight, And hoot all his worries away.
  10. There was a wise owl who loved to read, With a huge appetite for knowledge, indeed. From dusk till dawn, With a tired yawn, He’d consume every book with speed!

Wrap Up

And there you have it, folks – a whole nest full of owl jokes to keep you hooting with laughter. From the wisest one-liners to the most feather-brained puns, from nocturnal knock-knocks to the most intriguing anti-jokes, we hope these owl jokes have given you a bird’s eye view into the wonderful world of owl humor.

Remember, the night’s always younger when you have an owl joke up your sleeve. And as always, we’d give a hoot about your thoughts and suggestions. If you have an owl joke that you think would be a hoot, feel free to let us know!

Keep those talons clicking as you explore more funnies on our site. And in the wise words of our feathered friends, “Hoot hoot hooray for humor!”