75+ Whale Jokes Making Waves with Whale Laughter

We have an ocean of laughter for you today with a splash of hilarity and a dash of pun. Brace yourself for a whale of a time with our carefully curated collection of jokes about our favorite marine mammals. So sit back, fasten your life jackets, and get ready for some fun!

25 One Liners About Whales

  1. I told my friend a whale joke. He didn’t get it, so I had to krill it for him!
  2. Whales make the best musicians, they’ve always got the bass down.
  3. Whale, whale, whale, if it isn’t my favorite time of the day – joke time!
  4. I know a whale fact that’s sure to make a splash!
  5. Whales are the most generous creatures, they always give a ton!
  6. I like to start my day with a whale of a breakfast.
  7. Whale you be laughing at these jokes? I think so!
  8. Whales always seem to be blue, maybe they need to lighten up.
  9. I told a whale joke at a party and it made quite a splash.
  10. When a whale gets in trouble, it goes to the blowpen!
  11. I was going to tell a whale joke, but it’s too much of a fluke.
  12. Whale watching – the most immersive reality show ever.
  13. Always look on the bright tide, says the whale.
  14. You think whales are big? Wait till you sea them!
  15. Whales believe in seize the day, or should I say seas the day?
  16. I whale always love a good marine mammal joke.
  17. My jokes are like whales, they make a splash wherever they go.
  18. When a whale has a point to make, it spouts it out.
  19. It’s a whale known fact that ocean puns are the best.
  20. Whales don’t write, they blubber a message.
  21. Whale, that’s a deep subject.
  22. Whale jokes: sounds fishy, but surprisingly refreshing.
  23. Why did the whale paint itself blue? It wanted to be Pacific.
  24. When a whale is late, it blames it on the current situation.
  25. Whale, I guess that’s another one for the books.

25 Two-Part Whale Jokes

1. What do you call a big fish who makes you an offer you can’t refuse? The Codfather, but a whale could also make you a whale of an offer!

2. Why do whales like practical jokes? They love a good hump(back) day prank!

3. What do you call a whale with a crown? The king of the ocean, or as others say, Moby Prince!

4. Why did the whale cross the road? Because it wanted to cause a splash on the other side!

5. What do you get when you cross a whale with a nerd? A creature with killer intellect!

6. How do you make a whale float? With two scoops of ice cream, root beer, and one whale!

7. What do whales need to stay healthy? Vitamin Sea.

8. Why don’t whales use Facebook? Because they can’t click ‘like’ with their flippers.

9. What’s a whale’s favorite game? Swallow the Leader!

10. What do you call a whale who is always dressed up? Dapper fin!

11. Why don’t whales like to talk in public? Because they’re afraid of blubbering!

12. What do you call a lonely whale? A blue whale!

13. How do whales listen to music? On their iPod Shuffles!

14. What do you call a group of musical whales? An orca-stra!

15. What do you call a baby whale? A little squirt!

16. What kind of money do whales use? Sand dollars!

17. What did the whale say when it was accused of cheating? I didn’t even krill anyone!

18. What’s a whale’s favorite candy? Krill-ers chocolates!

19. Why do whales always know how to make a comeback? Because they always make a splash!

20. What do you call a whale with a hat? Wear-finned!

21. What’s a whale’s favorite TV show? Whale of Fortune!

22. Why did the whale refuse to rise to the surface? He didn’t want to blow it!

23. Why don’t whales hide things? Because they hate being accused of being a hump(back)-dumpster!

24. Why did the whale get promoted? Because he was outstanding in his field…of krill!

25. What do you call a whale magician? A hocus-porpoise!

25 Whale Puns

  1. I know a great joke about a whale but I’m afraid it’s a fluke.
  2. I whale always love good sea-life puns.
  3. When it comes to seafood diet, I see food and I whale it.
  4. Whale hello there, let’s dive into some jokes.
  5. This is my new book, “Whale-being for Dummies.”
  6. Whale, I sea what you did there.
  7. I’m having a whale of a time writing these puns.
  8. Puns about ocean life? Whale, aren’t you in for a treat.
  9. Have a whalely great day!
  10. Whale you be my valentine?
  11. Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? It looks like a new ocean to explore!
  12. I tried to write a whale joke, but it turned out I just couldn’t krill it.
  13. Whales always make a splash at pool parties.
  14. Some say the ocean is over-fished, but I think it’s a load of baleen.
  15. I had a job at a whale-watching tour company, but I got fired because I couldn’t find any. I’m floundering for a new job now.
  16. Whales don’t like eating jellyfish. It tends to sting their mouths!
  17. Why don’t whales ever feel lost? Because they always humpback home.
  18. Some people think whales are scary, but really they’re just a bunch of blubbering fools!
  19. What did the whale say to the dolphin? Long time no sea!
  20. A whale’s favorite place to hang out is the sandbar.
  21. Whales are the biggest creatures in the sea, so naturally, they sing in the bass section.
  22. Why don’t whales get invited to parties? They always blow their top!
  23. I have a whale of a problem. I can’t think of any more puns!
  24. Whales make the worst secret agents because they’re always spouting off.
  25. What do you call a romantic whale? A humpback to love!

Wrap Up

And there you have it – a sea of jokes to have you laughing like a seal on a rock! From one-liners to knock-knock jokes and puns, we’ve covered it all in this whale of an article.

We hope these jokes have added a splash of joy to your day, whether you’re a dedicated marine biologist, an ocean lover, or simply someone looking for a good laugh. Remember, laughter is a buoyant force that keeps us all afloat in the vast ocean of life.

Keep on sharing these jokes and spreading the cheer. After all, we can’t let the whales have all the fun!

Tune in for our next article where we dive into another fun topic. Until then, may your days be as cheerful as a dolphin’s grin and your laughter as contagious as a pod of playful whales.

We hope you’ve had a whale of a time. Sea you later!

Stay laughing, stay happy!

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